Meet Me in Paris | Prelude to Parcours des Mondes


B. Flowers

Parcours des Mondes International Fair Tribal Art Asian Art Archaeology

September 10 — 15, 2019

This September, I will be in attendance at the annual Parcours des Mondes in Saint-Germain-des-Près & Beaux-Arts district of Paris. Parcours des Mondes is the premier event of its kind, devoted to the arts of Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, as well as archaeology. Founded in 2002, the fair was originally dedicated to 'tribal art', but in recent years, has expanded to include antiquities and Asiatica. Visitors will have the opportunity to survey more than sixty international galleries presenting a wildly diverse array of artifacts.

For the very first time, Art of the Ancestors will be covering the various events and ongoings at Parcours des Mondes. I look forward to sharing detailed insights, as well as our deep and abiding appreciation of the arts of Island Southeast Asia, the Pacific and beyond.

To our evergrowing tribe of readers, if you spot me on the streets of Paris, please do say hello! I would be thrilled to make your acquaintance.

— Steven G. Alpert, founder of Art of the Ancestors


Watch highlights from last year’s Parcours des Mondes in Paris.

Parcours des Mondes Tribal Art Magazine Kyveli Alexiou

2019 Exhibitors

Parcours des Mondes Parcours des Mondes International Fair Tribal Art Asian Art Archaeology


Alain Dufour — Galerie Afrique

Alexander Ancient Art

Arteas Ltd

Arts d’Australie Stéphane Jacob



Galerie Jean-Baptiste Bacquart

J. Bagot — Arqueología

Galerie Alain Bovis

Chris Boylan Oceanic Art



Cahn Contemporary

Galerie Olivier Castellano

Kevin Conru



Dalton Somaré

Dandrieu — Giovagnoni

Galerie Dartevelle Sprl

Jo De Buck Tribal Arts / World Arts Auctions

Dimonstein Tribal Arts

Galerie Dodier

Galerie Martin Doustar

Galerie Bernard Dulon



Galerie Eberwein




Erik Farrow

Yann Ferrandin 

Finch & Co

Galerie Flak

Bruce Frank Primitive Art

Galerie Patrik Frölich



Bernard de Grunne — Tribal Fine Arts



Michael Hamson Oceanic Art


Wayne Heathcote

Galerie Eric Hertault

Christophe Hioco

Jonathan Hope

Charles-Wesley Hourdé



Galerie L’Ibis

Indian Heritage



Kapil Jariwala Gallery



Galerie Olivier Larroque

Galerie Abla et Alain Lecomte

Joe Loux



Galerie Franck Marcelin

Librairie Mazarine

Galerie Meyer — Oceanic Art

Mingei Japanese Arts

Galerie Monbrison

Galeria Guilhem Montagut

Thomas Murray

Pascassio Manfredi



Lucas Ratton

Galerie Philippe Ratton

Alexis Renard

Galerie Nicolas Rolland

Rostoker Tribal Art Books

Max Rutherston Ltd.



Adrian Schlag — Tribal Art Classics

Serge Schoffel — Art Premier

David Serra — Art Tribal

Runjeet Singh Limited



Galerie Tarantino

Michel Thieme Tribal Art



Galerie Vallois

Voyageurs et Curieux


Map of Parcours des Mondes

Parcours des Mondes International Fair Tribal Art Asian Art Archaeology

Disclaimer: Art of the Ancestors is a strictly non-commercial educational platform and has no vested interest or business relationship with Parcours des Mondes, their partners, affiliates, or scheduled exhibitors. We do not take any responsibility for the representations made by the participating galleries regarding artworks on display at Parcours des Mondes, online, or otherwise; their claims and opinions are their own.

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