Art of the Ancestors is a dynamic, non-profit, educational platform exploring the artistic traditions of the peoples and civilizations of Island Southeast Asia. 

In order to present an all-encompassing, high quality experience for our audience, Art of the Ancestors sources and displays pictorial and graphic works, literary works, and media from international museum collections, Creative Commons, institutional archives, and private parties. Where applicable, Art of the Ancestors is governed by the principle of Fair Use.

All copyrighted materials are credited at the time of use or cited on our Attributions page. As time goes on, Art of the Ancestors will present detailed records for the visuals presented on the platform and through our social channels.

Under no circumstances will any of the aforementioned materials be exploited or monetized by or in connection with Art of the Ancestors.

The objects selected for the galleries of Art of the Ancestors were nearly all created during the 19th and 20th centuries. Given that these masterworks are presented for the purpose of aesthetic appreciation, a decision has been made to initially forego dating each individual piece. A diverse array of resources regarding chronology are readily available from museum sources, as well as in the voluminous non-commercial literature on the arts of island Southeast Asia. Art of the Ancestors believes it is of utmost importance to obtain evidentiary support to accurately determine the history of an object. Art of the Ancestors does not endorse intuitive or experimental methods of dating.

If you have further questions or would like to submit a suggestion, amendment or correction for review, visit our Contact page and complete a form.