For nearly half a century, Steven G. Alpert has been recognized as a leading collector, curatorial consultant, author, and philanthropist in the world of fine art. 

A graduate of Wesleyan University with a dual major in Anthropology and Art History, Mr. Alpert was mentored by David P. McAllester, a pioneer in the field of ethnomusicology. Through study abroad at Auckland University in New Zealand, he received training from acclaimed scholars including Dr. Peter Bellwood, Professor Emeritus, an archaeologist known for his work in Southeast Asian and Pacific prehistory, and Sir Sydney Moko Mead, a prominent anthropologist and Maori elder. 

At the close of the 1960's, Mr. Alpert was inspired to explore numerous remote islands in the Malay Indonesian Archipelago. Traveling by vintage World War II airplanes, traditional sailing crafts, dugout canoes, on horseback and foot, he immersed himself in the natural beauty and dynamic culture of Island Southeast Asia before the advent of mass tourism. In Indonesia and Sarawak, Mr. Alpert was privileged to befriend a few of the last true warrior-headhunters and their counterparts, women of insight and ability, supreme weavers, who had been born and lived beyond the hardened imposition of European colonialism and the encroachment of modernity. On myriad journeys through the region, Mr. Alpert cultivated an intense appreciation for the traditions of the peoples he encountered and for their emblematic artistic canons. These transformative experiences formed the foundation of his expertise as a connoisseur and collector of 'ethnographic arts.' 

With Carol Robbins at the DMA.

For decades, Mr. Alpert has participated in stellar museum exhibitions and fruitful collaborations with exceptional area studies specialist scholars. In 1983, The Steven G. Alpert Collection of Indonesian Textiles was inducted into the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). This acquisition led to a series of shows at the DMA including a major collaborative exhibition entitled "Power and Gold/Woven to Honor," which featured remarkably pristine examples of Island Southeast Asian textiles paired with the groundbreaking Indonesian, Malay, and Filipino gold jewelry collections of Jean-Paul Barbier-Mueller.

Masterworks from the Steven G. Alpert collection have been acquired and situated in distinguished museums and institutions including The British Museum, Musée Barbier-Mueller, Musée Quai-Branly, Yale University Art Gallery’s Indo-Pacific Collection, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Gallery of Australia, Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Asian Civilisations Museum, and The Fowler Museum at UCLA. 

In concert with legendary scholar, Dr. Reimar Schefold, Professor Emeritus of cultural anthropology and sociology at Leiden University, Mr. Alpert edited the book, Eyes of the Ancestors: The Arts of Island Southeast Asia at the Dallas Museum. Upon its completion in 2012, this work was launched with a sequence of exhibitions and artistic performances in Dallas, Texas, honoring the DMA's long-standing commitment to collecting and displaying Island Southeast Asian treasures. 

Described as “Simply the best book ever published on this subject” by Sir David Attenborough, the tome garnered an illustrious PILAT International Tribal Art Book Prize the following year.

In 2017, Mr. Alpert reunited with Dr. Schefold to assist in the production of an expanded and revised English language rendering of the marvelous work, Toys for the Souls: Life and Art in the Mentawai Islands. Recently, Mr. Alpert has completed a chapter for another seminal book, War Art & Ritual: Shields From The Pacific, exploring the lore and art of shields in Borneo. In tandem with notable area specialist, Dr. Antonio Guerreiro, he is working on a significant text focused on the finest antique sculptural arts of Borneo.