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The path to connoisseurship, the ability to absorb an entire corpus of material, or an artistic canon from the apogee of a culture to its decline and hopeful rebirth, is a worthwhile course of study and a life-long pursuit.  

This journey begins in libraries with reading essential books and academic papers that cover both culture and its creations.  

Secondly, one has to see, handle, and physically examine material to find its pulse and rationale. Museums are invaluable resources in this regard as is travel in the lands from where the art derives. These are the only ways to fully appreciate something well-made and mapped by time, use, care, and devotion.  

A third branch of inquiry involves recourse to the commercial sphere; specialty magazines, art research databases, and the offerings of auction houses that further trace and channel the trajectories and life histories of objects. To aid in this pursuit, Art of the Ancestors offers the following list of renowned trade periodicals for our readers' perusal and study.

— Steven G. Alpert, founder of Art of the Ancestors



Orientations July 1993

Orientations is a comprehensive source of information on the subject of arts of East and Southeast Asia, the Himalayas and the Indian subcontinent, which is published six times per year. Founded in Hong Kong in 1970, Orientations spotlights valuable scholarly writings, museum and gallery exhibition coverage, and current events surrounding the Asian art world.

In 2013, Orientations founded Asian Art Hong Kong, an annual week-long interactive event, showcasing premier antique and contemporary art, uniting experts and enthusiasts from around the globe, and expanding appreciation for Asia’s rich cultural traditions.

Yifawn Lee
Publisher at Orientations

Frances McDonald
Managing Editor at Orientations

Orientations May 1976
Orientations November 1997
Orientations February 1979
Orientations September 1981

Tribal Art Magazine

Tribal Art Magazine Issue #85 Autumn 2017

Tribal Art Magazine is a quarterly publication exclusively dedicated to the arts and material culture of the traditional peoples of Africa, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas.

Founded in 1994, Tribal Art Magazine specializes in museum and gallery exhibition reviews, art fair and auction coverage, articles penned by scholars, collectors, and entrepreneurs, and interviews with influencers in the tribal art niche.

To date, Tribal Art Magazine has published over 90 issues, available in English and French language editions, and enjoyed collaborations with the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Musée du Quai-Branly, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in creating special issues.

Alex Arthur
Publishing Director at Tribal Art Magazine

Pierre Moos
Chief Executive Officer at Tribal Art Magazine

Tribal Art Magazine Issue #63 Spring 2012
Tribal Art Magazine Issue #47 Winter 2007
Tribal Art Magazine Issue #49 Summer 2008
Tribal Art Magazine Issue #58 Winter 2010

HALI Magazine


HALI is an international quarterly magazine focusing on antique and modern textile art of the world, specifically oriental rugs and carpets, and collateral areas of Islamic, Asian, African, and tribal art.

Established in London in 1978, HALI presents an eclectic range of editorial coverage and opinion pieces written by and for professionals and amateurs in the field, reports on emerging industry trends and tastes, and promotes businesses and events in the commercial art sphere.

Ben Evans
Editor at HALI

Daniel Shaffer
Executive Editor at HALI

HALI Magazine March April 2001 Issue 115
HALI Magazine November December 1998 Issue 101
HALI Magazine November December 2002 Issue 125
HALI Magazine March April 2000 Issue 109

Arts of Asia


Arts of Asia is a Hong Kong-based magazine showcasing the art and aesthetic traditions of East Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and Southeast Asia, producing six issues annually.

Established in 1970, Arts of Asia delivers insights into the international Asian art market, global auction analysis, current collecting trends, museum exhibitions, and scholarship.

Tuyet Nguyet
Founder of Arts of Asia

Robin Markbreiter
Executive Editor at Arts of Asia

Arts of Asia March April 2017 Metropolitan Museum of Art Issue Tuyet Nguyet Robin Markbreiter
Arts of Asia Volume 33 Number 5 National Museum Indonesia Tuyet Nguyet Robin Markbreiter
Arts of Asia September October 2017 Victoria and Albert Museum Tuyet Nguyet Robin Markbreiter

Asian Art Newspaper

Asian Art Newspaper Summer Quarter 2018 Sarah Callaghan

Asian Art Newspaper is a London-based publication that reports on the latest developments in East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian and Himalayan arts. Formed in 1997, Asian Art Newspaper offers extensive coverage on major exhibitions, fairs, auctions, gatherings, and book launches worldwide.

The most prolific resource on our curated list, Asian Art Newspaper releases ten issues per year. Their quarterly editions in June and December include profiles and interviews with artists, curators, collectors, gallery owners, dealers, authors and conservationists in the Asian and Islamic art realm, along with special travel guides.

Sarah Callaghan
Editor at Asian Art Newspaper

Asian Art Newspaper September 2018 Sarah Callaghan
Asian Art Newspaper May 2018 Sarah Callaghan
Asian Art Newspaper Summer 2017 Sarah Callaghan
Asian Art Newspaper May 2019 Sarah Callaghan

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